Our Value To Clients

We create value for clients in three ways:

Our Experience

The founding firm, Michael Drazen and Associates, was established in 1937.

Our clients come from all sides of the regulatory arena: manufacturers, schools, oil and gas producers, hospitals, industrial and commercial users, utilities, competitive service providers, government agencies and regulators.

Our experience covers all aspects of regulation, with particular emphasis on cost analysis and pricing of utility service, especially in changing conditions of service. We have worked on hundreds of matters in over 50 jurisdictions throughout the United States and Canada.

Our Philosophy

A good consultant does not necessarily answer only the client’s question as posed. At some point along the way, we may suggest re-examining the question. An old joke among clients is that "a consultant borrows your watch to tell you what time it is." Perhaps the important question is not What time is it?, but What information is needed to solve this problem? Asking better questions produces better answers. We may challenge your assumptions in our search for the best solution.

We want to educate our clients. You should not only get a good answer, but also understand why it is a good answer.

We will work hard to help you, but we won't take positions that we don't believe in. Logic and consistency are essential to maintaining effectiveness and credibility.