Our Experience

We have worked with all type of services electric, oil and gas pipelines, gas distribution, water, waste water, steam, transportation, waste disposal and telecommunications. Clients include industrial and commercial users, utilities, competitive service providers, government agencies and regulators throughout the United States and Canada. We have worked in over 50 jurisdictions throughout the United States and Canada. We are familiar with investor-owned, municipal, cooperative, and government-owned utilities. The founding firm, Michael Drazen and Associates, was established in 1937.

Our Philosophy

Why use a consultant? Because a consultant can create solutions. A good consultant does not just answer the clients question as posed. At DCGI, the first step may be to re-examine the question. An old joke among clients is that "a consultant borrows your watch to tell you what time it is." Perhaps the real question is not What time is it?, but What should we have accomplished by this time? Asking better questions produces better answers. We may challenge your assumptions in our search for the best solution.

We want to educate our clients. You should not only get a good answer, but also understand why it is a good answer.

We will work hard to help you, but we won't take positions that we don't believe in. Logic and consistency are essential to maintaining effectiveness and credibility.

Our Value

We offer expert knowledge of existing methods and creativity in developing new approaches to challenges posed by changes in the marketplace, technology and political trends. What's just as important in many cases, we can present technical material and arguments in comprehensible and effective terms.