Regulatory Proceedings and Litigation (Federal, State/Provincial)

  • Develop client position and strategy
  • Prepare and present expert testimony
  • Prepare cross-examination scripts and aids
  • Assist in preparing brief and reply
  • Analyze settlement proposals

Contract Negotiation

  • Analyze and prepare contract language
  • Evaluate potential dangers
  • Develop negotiation strategy and tactics
  • Assist in negotiation

Legislative Activity

  • Public policy analysis
  • Develop client position and strategy
  • Research and analysis
  • Legislative drafting
  • Testimony before legislatures

Market Structure Development

  • Work with clients to develop positions
  • Modeling
  • Facilitation and participation in stakeholder processes
  • Analysis in support of proposals

Seminars and Presentations

  • Education
  • Game-playing exercises


  • Forecasts
  • Sensitivity analysis